10 Simple Tips To Strengthen Your Family Relationships

Find new ways to connect with those who matter most

Family is our biggest blessing in life, but every family has its challenges. From raising children to taking care of elderly relatives, family can be hard. Here is a list of 10 simple tips for making impactful connections with your relatives in a way that doesn’t lead to burn out.


1. Have A Meal Together

It doesn’t have to be dinner if that doesn’t work for your schedule, but create a space at least once a week for your family to gather around the table and share stories. Try to avoid sitting in front of the television and avoid excessive use of electronics for this time together- the less distractions the better. 

2. Create A Family Mission Statement

It's never too early to start having a dialogue with your children about their values. Creating a family mission statement allows the entire family to collaborate and recenter on the things you all believe are most important.

3. Volunteer Together

Rather than thinking of an expensive way to spend time together, simply go serve with one another. Not only will it cost less, but it will also allow your family to impact the community in a positive way. Ask your children, where would you like to serve? Give them the independence they seek, while also remaining partnered with them in service. 

4. Express Appreciation Regularly 

Write notes or send texts thanking your family members for the little and big things they do. Everyone wants to be noticed and appreciated, so making gratitude a regular practice in the house is never a bad idea. 

5. Host Family Meetings 

When communication starts to go awry, set a time and place to reconnect. Go for clarity and transparency, and create a space where everyone feels they can share openly. Ask plenty of clarifying questions to help each person feel heard.

6. Partner With Other Families

Let your home be a watering ground for other families as well. We are not made to go through life alone - partner with other couples or families that find themselves in similar seasons. If hosting a dinner party sounds expensive or overwhelming, think about hosting a potluck, or a progressive dinner. 

7. Plan a Trip 

Time together doesn’t have to be expensive- if a big vacation isn’t in the books, consider a day trip or a stay-cation. Create Intentional time to play and make memories together. Day trips to state parks and visiting historical sites are often affordable options. Or, if you're staying in, get creative- think crafts, writing and performing an at-home play, or picking a DIY project you can all do together.

8. Make Traditions

Create sweet moments for your family to cherish together. Watch a television program together once a week, host a game night once a month, or go on a hike every Sunday. Invite your children and spouse into creating these traditions. 

9. Practice Healthy Habits Together 

Along with emotional wellness, practice physical health with one another. Go on a walk, bike ride, or swim together. Not only is this good practice for healthy living, but it also reduces stress and creates interpersonal time with one another. 

10. Say “I Love You” Often

Verbally express how much your children or spouse means to you. It is easy to tell yourself that they know it, but don’t be afraid to affirm them with your words. Everyone needs to hear "I love you" regularly.

Just remember, it’s all about creating time to know one another, which takes both physical and emotional investment. Affirming your partner and children and spending valuable time with them is important to the well-being of your entire family unit. It is never too late to begin practicing these fun and useful tips with your family.

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